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Since long time ago, I have been thinking about this post. I´ll honest if I say that I don’t know exactly why after many years been far from home, far from Mexico, far from my friends and family, suddenly I feel homesick. I think is probably consequence of the fact that in recent days, I became father and I may subconsciously think about the Mexican roots of my son, what at the same time makes me think in my own identity.

So I was trying to make a reconstruction of the facts that little by little were building part of what nowadays I am like a person, that is why I will write this post.

During my teenhood, I was searching cultural aspects in my environment where I could feel empathy, ironically at the beginning of the 90´s in a small town named Huixcolotla (place of thorns) of a third world country without youtube, Spotify or social networks I didn´t find so much elements to feel empathy.  I had MTV, but this music channel (the equivalent of the YouTube currently) was just exporting m…

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